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Smell Proof

Innovative Smell Proof Design

Discover the future of discreet storage with our smell-proof backpacks. Keep odors sealed in and carry what you want, wherever you want, confidently and hassle-free.

High-Quality Double Zipper

Experience peace of mind with our high-quality double zipper, ensuring both security and easy access to your belongings.

Inset Mesh Pocket & Front Cargo Pocket

The Inset Mesh Pocket and Front Cargo Pocket offer convenient and accessible storage solutions for all your essentials.

Camo Pieced Poly Canvas

Crafted from durable Camo Pieced Poly Canvas, our backpack is both stylish, smell proof and built to withstand your daily adventures.

"These smell-proof backpacks are a game-changer – I can transport anything without worrying about any odors escaping."

Amelia Sullivan, New York - August 14, 2022

"I love the peace of mind these smell-proof backpacks offer during my outdoor adventures; they keep my snacks and gear completely odor-free."

Ethan Mitchell, Los Angeles - May 3, 2023

"An absolute must-have for everyone – these smell-proof backpacks make it effortless to carry anything without drawing any unwanted attention."

Olivia Reynolds - Sydney, Australia, April 20, 2023

Escobar Backpack

Escobar Backpack is your ultimate companion for discreet and secure storage. With smell-proof technology, double zipper security, and smart storage options, it's the perfect choice for those seeking style and functionality in one package.

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